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Linen and room spray
A colorful scent you’ll definitely
fall in love with
Wake up your senses in a new way with this marvelous amber and oak leaf room spray. After applying this odor scent, your room will transform into a forest full of fresh and vibrant fragrances.
Amber and oak leaf details and specifications
Product details
Made in the United States of America. The spray bottle comes at the size of 2in x 2in x 9in. With a 16 oz. capacity.
Fragrance notes
Vibrant autumn oak leaves, warm golden amber and smoky suede with notes of wild cardamom & crushed tonka beans.
Freshen up your room with a great scent
This new room spray takes the popular scents of the fragrance palette line and turns them into a fine mist spray that is great for any room, linen, or car. Inside the bottle, you will find the signature hand-painted illustrations describing the different aspects of each fragrance.
  1. N***d


  2. V***i

    Great product

  3. F***x

    Love the smell!

  4. L***s

    Great pillow spray

  5. M***b

    Smells like a spa!

  6. T***m

    Spray smells wonderful.

  7. J***y

    nice scent but pricey

  8. K***d

    I have used this product for years.

  9. G***v

    I absolutely love the smell of oak

  10. J***v

    The scent is strong without overpowering

  11. F***r

    This is my favorite ever!!!

  12. Z***a

    This spray is really nice, portable and sprays well.

  13. B***t

    Great scent, long lasting and very fresh

  14. S***l

    Smells great, we love it in the shower or on linens

  15. F***d

    If you want a great smell for your home, this product is great

  16. Y***a

    Sprayed on my pillows last night and fell right to sleep. Thank you!

  17. N***g

    I spray it in my room and I love the way it smells! Good product!

  18. D***k

    I love the smell and it does well on the sheets

  19. L***a

    Great scent, very refreshing. Makes the house smell like fresh forest.

  20. Z***a

    I really liked this fragrance. It was light but did the job of providing a light scent of oak.

  21. M***e

    Just got it and it smells really good! I definitely love it for my bathroom!

  22. M***k

    Very nice scent…soothing. Bottle was a little smaller than I prefer.

  23. G***y

    I love to use this stuff to clean the air in a room. It works so well. This bottle lasts a while too.

  24. D***b

    I love how the smell isn’t overpowering but brings the best scent throughout the room

  25. J***k

    I am pregnant and I heard about this spray on tik-tok. it helps me relax so much I will be buying more asap!

  26. K***t

    I have sprayed my sheets, and cushioned furniture also when I take a shower. I really like the aromatherapy

  27. U***v

    This is a great room spray. The scent is pleasant, but strong so don’t use too much. A little goes a long way. Great for the bathroom too!

  28. I***a

    I use this in my bedroom a little before I want to go to sleep. It reminds me of having a massage and the smells that are in the massage room. You can’t go wrong with this spray.

  29. A***v

    Love the fine mist and the smell of this particular oak is a nice clean scent especially suited for the bedroom and for spraying on pillows. Transforms the room into a relaxing, serene space.

  30. W***d

    I enjoy the scent. Not an overpowering scent but a smooth and relaxing burst of oak. I enjoy spraying my pillow right before I’m ready to hop into bed. I wish you got a little more for the cost but it’s not an awful price point and worth a good night’s sleep!

  31. E***y

    I bought the fresh oak leaf spray and I absolutely love it! It’s very fresh but also relaxing and calming. It’s not too strong or powerful, but nice and subtle. I spritz it around my bed before I sleep and it creates a nice ambiance for my bedtime routine. The packaging is also very simple and cute. Definitely would recommend!

  32. G***h

    I have been searching everywhere for an “oak leaf” scent (candles, air fresheners, oils, etc.) but this is the only one that has a true oak scent. It is strong when first sprayed, but leaves my room smelling so fresh and clean. I am so thrilled to have found this product and I will certainly be ordering again. I just wish it came in a larger container. Hint, hint.

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